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#099 When O Spelling Sounds Like U

February 17, 2022 Patrick Season 4 Episode 99
AccenTraining Podcast
#099 When O Spelling Sounds Like U
Show Notes

This lesson has no rules, and the only way to fully grasp it is through memorization. That doesn't make this easy, of course, but keep an open mind and you'll accomplish more than you can imagine! Open the google doc at the bottom of the description for more words and expressions where O spelling sounds like U!

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Follow along by reading these Idiomatic Expressions:

A bun in the oven Pregnant
We've got a bun in the oven.

Enough is enough No more will be tolerated
Enough is enough, get upstairs and go to bed!

Money talks People are influenced by money
I gave a few bucks to get out of trouble; money talks.

As tough as nails  An exceedingly resilient person
My dad's as tough as nails, he takes good care of our family!

A dime a dozen Very common with very low value
Those shovels are a dime a dozen, I'll get a new one.

Check out this free google doc with 12 words where O sounds like short U to learn more!