AccenTraining Podcast

#108 A Bunch of Handy Speech Tips

April 05, 2022 Season 5 Episode 108
AccenTraining Podcast
#108 A Bunch of Handy Speech Tips
Show Notes

Today's episode doesn't focus on one single component of the American accent, but rather my top pics from a personal list of practical American English phrases, and pronunciation tips.

Repeat after me, and consider how you can apply these speech tips to your own life to boost your command of the American accent!

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Repeat the following phrases after me to optimize your lesson:

Busy = BIH zee 

Come in handy = To be useful
These tips will come in handy regularly. 

Breakfast = BREHK fist

To be down = To be interested in doing something. 
I'll be down to hang out tomorrow, I'm busy right now. 

Are you down? = Are you interested in doing this? 
Are you down to meet for breakfast tomorrow? 

I can count on one hand = Something has happened a limited number of times (5 or fewer)
I can count on one hand how many times you've been early. 

Take for granted = To lack appreciation for something
Don't take their help for granted, or you might not get it later.