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#117 Money Making, Stock Market and Crypto Expressions!

May 30, 2022 Season 5 Episode 117
AccenTraining Podcast
#117 Money Making, Stock Market and Crypto Expressions!
Show Notes

The stock market and crypto have been the focal point of many discussions over the past couple of years. Like most areas of spoken English, the topic of investment has a dialect of its own, and it's best to know it if you want to join in on the fun!
Listen along and don't hesitate to use these phrases for yourself, and get your English ready to make a little cash!

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Follow along with the idioms below:

  • To cash out = To trade one's assets for cash. 
  • To be down = To have lost money
  • To be up = To have gained money
  • To take a hit = To have suffered a loss
  • Make a killing = Make a lot of money
  • To throw a little money down = To make a bet / gamble
  • Break even = Neither gain nor lose money on an investment
  • Bullish market = A time of high investment, and quick gains. 
  • Bearish market = A time of low investment, and high risk. 
  • Crypto = Online currencies created with code  and traded globally using blockchain technology. 
  • Blockchain technology = I really don't get it , but look into it. 
  • Bitcoin = The first crypto currency created and traded,
  • Hype = Excitement for something
  • Pump and dump = Creating hype around a stock to raise its value, then cash out. 
  • FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out
  • Investment should be like watching paint dry = Earning money from an investment should be slow and boring.