AccenTraining Podcast

#121 How to Pronounce Schedule

June 23, 2022 Patrick Season 5 Episode 121
AccenTraining Podcast
#121 How to Pronounce Schedule
Show Notes

Does the word "Schedule" ever stump you? You're not alone, and I'm glad to tell you that you've found the solution to your problem right here! Listen closely and repeat after me as we cover BOTH the American and British accent's pronunciation of the word "schedule". We then take it a step further, and prepare you for some real life situations, coming your way!

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Use these phrases the first chance you get:
To be ahead of schedule To have accomplished more than anticipated.
Everyone's ahead of schedule, we're doing great!

To run behind schedule
To  be late to an accomplishment
We're running behind schedule, we can't wait any longer!

To be on schedule
To accomplish something when planned
We'll get this done on schedule without any issues.

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