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#069 How ED Word Endings Sound

July 12, 2021 Season 3 Episode 69
AccenTraining Podcast
#069 How ED Word Endings Sound
Show Notes

There are 3 different word endings used when the letters ED are found together. Tune in to learn about what these sounds are, and some examples of how you can apply this!

Practice regularly with these idiomatic expressions here to get a feel for it!

Closedfisted Not wanting to spend money (stingy)
My friend’s closedfisted, he always says he “forgot his wallet”.

To be loaded Someone who is wealthy
He always offers to pay, they must be loaded. 

Packed like sardines Many people stuffed into a small space
We were packed like sardines on the subway ride home!

Get carried away To lose control of something / oneself 
Don’t get carried away, you might hurt yourself!