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#079 Why are the STS / SKS Sounds Tough to Say?

August 24, 2021 Patrick Season 4 Episode 79
AccenTraining Podcast
#079 Why are the STS / SKS Sounds Tough to Say?
Show Notes

If you want to improve your English speaking in your, I have a challenge for you! When speaking English professionally, you want to ensure that you clearly pronounce STS, SKS and SPS consonant clusters. Practice with me here to make sure you're clearly pronouncing each letter.

The movement for these is subtle, so take time to focus closely on the movements of your muscles.

These exercises for accent reduction are best practiced through shadowing, so feel free to read along with the phrases below:

  • She asks a lot of questions.
  • I make playlists of singers with lisps.
  • Tasks with risks are how philanthropists make money. 
  • It’s better if he asks before he grasps the wasp’s nests.
  • Security frisks people at the entrance looking for flasks.

And these Idiomatic Expressions:

  1. Rat’s nests Something disorderly / Overcomplicated
    We searched for a book in the rat’s nests of offices. 

  2. Rusts away Something that has become covered in rust
    He’ll watch as his car rusts away if it isn’t taken care of.
  3. Uphill tasks A progressively more challenging task
    Planning a wedding has been a real up-hill task!