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#080 Money Expressions You Can use Today!

September 02, 2021 Patrick Season 4 Episode 80
AccenTraining Podcast
#080 Money Expressions You Can use Today!
Show Notes

When you're learning to speak clear American English, I suggest starting with words you use on a daily basis. Money idiomatic expressions are a great place topic to cover in reaching this goal. Understanding how we talk about money will not only help your casual English speech, but may also render significant results for your professional English.

Lets consider a handful of these money related idiomatic expressions here today.

Read along with the text below to really get the hang of these:
Good money - A large sum of money
I make good money / I paid good money for these tickets!

Blood money - Money obtained through crime
The officer accepted the blood money, and let them through.

Old money - Families who have been wealthy for many generations
They're old money, their family has been here for generations. 

New money - Families who are new to a wealthy lifestyle
Social media has led to many new money families!

That kind of money - An impressive sum of money
They always fly first class, I wish I had that kind of money!

Money to burn - Having extra money for leisure
I've saved for months to have money to burn on vacation.

Money talks - Money can influence people to do things
Once I paid, they snuck me in; money talks.